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Quotes of Interest

The following are extracted from e-mails, memos, letters and other printed documents, all relate to John's case.

E-mail dated 28-08-02 sent by Bernard Ablett (Crown Counsel) to Alison Grant re the transfer of the case from Cupar, reference to Frank Mulholland who now holds the post of Solicitor General for Scotland. Bernard Ablett was the Crown Counsel who instructed Lothian & Borders Police to have John arrested in Spain on the back of the lies told by Revenue officials.

"I've since spoken to Frank Mulholland, who is going to write to me about the transferral of this case. As a chase up I contacted Frank yesterday to ensure that Cupar had sent them down. Between you and me, I can understand why, given the history of the case, Frank is less than happy".

We have written to Mr Mulholland on several occasions to explain these comments, he is yet to afford us the courtesy of a reply.

Memo dated 05-03-03 sent by Bernard Ablett to Frank Mulholland, Procurator Fiscal.

"I thank you for your minute... This has allowed me to ask to request Interpol to issue a Diffusion Notice, so that Lamberton can be traced and arrested abroad".

At this time John was working on his farm in Northern Ireland and was readily contactable by everyone except apparently the Inland Revenue and the Crown Office, tells you it all really!

Letter dated 06-03-03 sent by Bernard Ablett to Sergeant Jim Gilchrist, Lothian & Borders Police.

"He is believed to be in Spain, and the instructions from Crown Counsel are to seek the extradition of Lamberton from Spain or any other country with which we have a formal or informal agreement. The prosecution of Scotland are committed to extraditing Lamberton from abroad. Lamberton is currently believed to be in Spain, and enquiries should be directed there".

Does that include Northern Ireland? ...the last time we checked it was still part of the United Kingdom!

Letter dated 02-06-03 again sent by Bernard Ablett to Sergeant Jim Gilchrist.

"I understand from the Inland Revenue that their intelligence suggested Lamberton had disappeared to Sligo in the Irish Republic, en route to Spain. Nothing further is known about Lamberton's current whereabouts".

This from the people who are supposed to be the 'ghost busters' and as for intelligence, we rest our case.

E-mail dated 05-08-03 sent by Fergus McNeil of the Scottish Justice Department to Carol Duncan at the Crown Office.

"The arrest of yet another fugitive in Spain".

Seems some people don't believe in the right to a fair trial and the axiom of innocent until proven guilty!

Formal memo dated 27-08-03 sent by Natalie Barclay-Stewart of the Crown Office to Elish Angiolini, Solicitor General for Scotland seeking the extradition.

"There was intelligence to the effect that Lamberton had fled the country and was residing with his family in Spain".

Talk about the blind leading the blind!

E-mail dated 05-09-03 sent by Fergus McNeil to Carol Duncan.

"The request for our tax dodging pal..."

Not worthy of any comment!

E-mail dated 29-10-03 sent by Fergus McNeil to Carol Duncan when the penny had dropped that John had not refused extradition.

"And to me. No hint of consenting in the previous exchanges with Madrid. It appears that there has been a breakdown in communication. Might be advisable to get the cops geared up for a quick jaunt to Spain".

And all this from the incompetents responsible for playing with people's lives!

E-mail dated 06-11-03 sent by Fergus McNeil to Carol Duncan referring to Janet Hanson, Staff Liaison Officer, British Embassy, Madrid and Stephen Henderson of the Inland Revenue.

"You will wish to note the latest on Lamberton. As you will see Janet copied her email to Stephen Henderson who appears desperate to get his hooks into the poor guy".

This clearly shows that it was the Inland Revenue and not the Crown Office who were hell-bent in driving the case against John and indeed contrary to what the former Lord Advocate, Lord Colin Boyd, had attempted to claim (see below). Off-course, the decision in relation to any prosecution in Scotland should have been made following independent investigation by the Crown Office and not as a result of lies told by Revenue officials.

E-mail dated 05-01-04 sent by Fergus McNeil to Carol Duncan.

"A thought. Do you know if Stephen Henderson will be going out to Madrid to collect Mr Lamberton either alone or with an Inland Revenue colleague? Do they intend to take a cop with them? If not would it not be sensible to do so?"

Tells you all really!

Letter dated 23-06-04 sent by the then Lord Advocate, Colin Boyd (Scotland's Senior Law Officer) to John's MP.

"...I am sure you would wish to know that the charges against Mr Lamberton are neither "brought by the Inland Revenue" nor could be said to "relate to inheritance tax which they claim he owes on his late aunt's estate".

Seems that much confusion abounds at the Crown Office, the Inland Revenue did commence the case and it was only ever about Inheritance Tax. Not one person has ever made a complaint against John except off-course for the Inland Revenue!